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Keke Palmer in Cinderella [x]

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Best of Wilbur Robinson

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Doctor: You’ll get over her, Isaac. Just takes a little bit of time. You’ll see.
Isaac: Did he seriously just say you’ll see?

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DC BOMBSHELLS» Gotham City Sirens


» Gotham City Sirens

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Norway and Maelstrom, November 2013 - I didn’t know then of course that such would be my ‘farewell’, but very glad rode it multiple times over course of visit…

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Hong Kong Disneyland “Paint The Night” Parade - Exclusive Sneak Preview

Finale Unit Show Stop

Official Opening Day is October 1, 2014

they use the end credits song from Wreck it Ralph as the main theme help me

But tinker bell though

Wow, just wow.

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Oswald the Lucky Rabbit character debut at Disney California Adventure (x)

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Disney MEME: 2/3 OTPS: #2 Belle and the Beast

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